Working for the Community

BurnPump has decided to present twice at month a free Tire Camp Workshop for the citizens of our community.
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Here's what we do for the Community

Florida Statistics

In the Florida summary report of 2019, obese population In Broward, FL. reached a 25%, while on Miami-Dade 23%. Percentage of adults age 20 and over reporting no leisure-time physical activity is about of a 25% in Florida. So based in this statistics there is a good reason to start working toward our community.

Good Fitness Enviroment

The role of the built a good fitness environment is important for encouraging physical activity. Increased physical activity is associated with lower risks of type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and premature mortality, independent of obesity.

Looking to

Burnpump is looking to work in every County and City of South Florida. Burnpump has big ambitions and we want to complement them.

Our Goal

We draw a goal for this second half of 2019 of at least start working for 10 Communities in Broward County and Miami-Dade, and we want to make it.

Call us now if you want your community be present. Let’s Start Making the Dream Come True - Let’s Do Fitness - Let’s Do Community.

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